being present.

There's a secret to this whole thing...
There's a secret to cherishing every moment of life. To looking back on your life without wishing you could do it all over. There's a secret that we all know, but sometimes we just need a little reminder...
The secret is to slow down.
When you look at your loved ones, really see their eyes, feel their smile, hear their voice. When you kiss your kids goodnight, feel your lips on their forehead and notice their tiny eyelashes flutter. When you play with your dog, really see their body and take in their excitement. When you're traveling, notice the light on the trees and surrender to the breeze on your shoulders.
You've heard it a million times, from various people, in myriad ways... But the trick to living well, is being present. What does that mean? It means noticing the little things. Appreciating them. Not fearing a time when they're gone, not wishing for more time with them - but noticing that you have them right now.
It takes practice, but in time, it will become habit. And what a beautiful habit to have formed.
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