Founded in 2019, Corvo Jewelry is proudly led by designer Lily Raven. Lily worked in the fine jewelry industry for years prior to starting Corvo and bringing her designs to life. She fell in love with seeing Earth's elements of gold and precious stones become wearable art.
Growing up in Northern California, Lily was raised with close-knit loved ones who inspire her to this day. Her mother, grandmother, cousin, aunts, and dear family friends led by example and instilled in her acceptance, love, and strong female values. Lily has woven this love and support that her family taught her throughout her line through philanthropy and socially inclusive designs.

"The jewelry you wear and treasure becomes part of your persona - like a perfume or a cadence to your speech. It speaks to who you are and it intimately holds your spirit for generations to come."

All of our jewelry uses recycled gold as not to encourage the mining of new materials. Additionally, each and every order gives at least 5% to our monthly-chosen charitable organization. We are happy to verify each contribution in your name upon request.
Each Corvo treasure is made with care and love by our jewelers and designer, with every step of the process. Thank you for letting our pieces be a part of your story.