Concentric Circles Pink Sapphire Ring

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14k gold with a round pink sapphire totaling .12 carats.

Pink sapphires symbolize good fortune, intense love, and compassion. Throughout history pink sapphires have been symbols of love. Dating back to Ancient Rome, Pink Sapphires have been tokens of one’s heartfelt affection for another.

A Pink Sapphire’s structure forms in systems of hexagons. Hexagons are known to be one of the most stable shapes in nature. The pull of surface tension creates a solid and stable foundation, which is why even though bees make their honey combs with circular units, the end result when the wax hardens into place is hexagonal.

Pink Sapphires have also been used throughout history to brighten one’s mood. It was said that the vibrant color lifted a spirit and instilled both optimism and joy.