Corvo is proud that with each purchase, along with investing in a lifelong treasure, you’re helping the world and our futures. Each month we choose a new charity and we donate 5% of our proceeds to it. On select pieces (noted in their descriptions), we donate even more. 

For the month of February, all orders will be benefiting:

Black Lives Matter


The community here at Corvo is focused on more than just jewelry and we're honored to partner with charities throughout the year to amplify their stories and spread awareness about their organizations. Your purchases mean the world to our comunity and the communities of these groups who so generously dedicate their time to causes that do good. This philanthropy is a core value of what we stand for and we're honored when you join in. 

Our PRIDE Collection donates a consistent 10% of sales to The Trevor Project. This organization does a tremendous amount of good for the LGBTQIA+ community and fosters a culture of people and resources to help those who might need them. We're proud to see your purchases benefit them and we thank you dearly.

To learn more about how you or your group can be involved, reach out to us at We love to learn new stories and educate ourselves on the good that you're all doing. We'd love to help.

Thank you for bettering the world and becoming a part of Corvo. Follow us on Instagram to take part in votes for which charity you want your contributions to go toward.