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Lily Raven

"The jewelry you wear and treasure becomes part of your persona - like a perfume or a cadence to your speech. It speaks to who you are and it intimately holds your spirit for generations to come."

My philosophy on jewelry is that it is far more than adornment. Jewelry has been a cultural centerpiece for countless civilizations throughout history and it incorporates legends, sacred symbols, nature, and personal values into a unique form of wearable art. I like to think that a piece of jewelry becomes part of who you are to the rest of the world, and to you yourself. It becomes a trademark of your style and an investment in who you want to be.

Making and designing jewelry in my studio is one of my most treasured pastimes. The process is ancient and intricate and it challenges me daily. Designing, sketching, sourcing stones, carving wax, casting the pieces in 14k gold, and finishing the piece with a perfect polish is where the artistry culminates.

As you select your favorite piece from the collection I encourage you to think of how it would make you feel to catch a glimpse of yourself in it throughout the day. Imagine looking down and seeing the ring on your finger or that bracelet on your arm. Picture glancing up into a mirror and seeing those earrings or that necklace glisten on you. What would that piece make you feel? What do you want it to make you feel? Connect with your jewelry like you connect with a person. After all, it has the chance of becoming a part of who you are.

Xo, Lily

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