Corvus Diamond Necklace

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14k gold with baguette and square white diamonds totaling .38 carats. 

This quadrilateral-focused shape is a geometric interpretation of the "Corvus Constellation". Corvus, which is Latin for "Raven", represents the tale of Coronis's betrayal of Apollo and how in his fit of rage, turned the feathers of a pure white crow black, and thus the Raven was born. 

The Raven is a highly intelligent animal. They are known for their cunning, wit, and survival abilities. The Raven mates for life and represents stability and loyalty. The Raven has also become a metaphor for an omen or lesson. The Raven, as they’re known for they cleverness, often brings a message and offers guidance.

5% of this necklace's proceeds serve to benefit charity. Read more about where your generous contributions are going this month here, and thank you for helping a beautiful cause.