Rise Earrings

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14k gold with one triangle white diamond and two tapered baguette white diamonds, all totaling .36 total carats per earring.

Originally hand-carved by designer Lily Raven with handset diamonds. 

The Greek uppercase letter Δ (delta) is the standard mathematical symbol to represent change. Spiritually, the triangle represents a path towards connection and oneness. It's thought to foster balance and harmony. The three-sided shape can also be related to the body, mind, and spirit, and with an upward-facing point, it indicates raising consciousness.

Rectangles, as with the tapered baguettes, represent stability. Four-sided shapes are meant to help us stay grounded and balancedIn Hinduism, squares and rectangles represent order and balance. In Native American religions, the four-side shapes represent permanence and safety. In Chinese symbolism, they represent the earth. Nature's quadrilaterals have long been believed, by many cultures, to offer grounding, stability, and safety.

The combination of quadrilaterals and triangles in the Rise pieces represent our ability to stay grounded and balanced while raising our standards and strengthening our connections with one another. This piece is a representation of growth at its finest.


5% of this earring's proceeds serve to benefit charity. Read more about where your generous contributions are going this month here, and thank you for helping a beautiful cause.