Small Round Terrain Coin

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Solid 14k gold.

Inspired by planetary terrain from an aerial perspective. Mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, and streams are visible in this intricate geographical texture. 

From tales of adventure and raucous revelries at sea, to carvings in quiet corridors of long forgotten pyramids, let The Buried Treasure Collection take you there. 

The Buried Treasure Collection is a wonderland of nostalgic treasures that time forgot. Jewelry lost long ago, pummeled by waves and buried by sand, only to be uncovered by you. Inspired by historical and symbolic tales, these pieces tell a story of civilizations gone by. Of myths and legends passed down. Of folklore and rituals handed down through generations. It's a collection meant to evoke both fairytale and sentimental reminders of origins, traditions, and ancestry. Let your jewels from this collection to be the reason new legends are told by candlelight.


5% of this necklace's proceeds serve to benefit charity. Read more about where your generous contributions are going this month here, and thank you for helping a beautiful cause.